Roof Deck Goals

Written by Claudia Menard

The definition of a deck is an open, un-roofed porch or platform extending from a house. Although this statement is true, a deck is so much more than a simple platform. A deck is a place where family and friends gather and make memories on a warm summer night. A deck is a place for parties and drinking by the fire. A deck is an amenity that brings tranquility and positive vibes to a home.

A rooftop deck on the other hand captures the same qualities but brings a unique luxury into the equation. A rooftop deck is the envy of all neighbors, whether it is a topiary sanctuary, a lavishly designed hide away, or just a prime sunset vantage point.

Here are some amazing residential rooftop decks that will have you on the phone with your contractor in seconds.

The Romantic Beach in the City
Beach Deck


The Infinity Dream Pool

Infinity Pool Deck


The Chic Topiary Hideaway

Cabana Roof Deck

The Private Spa & Terrace

Jacuzzi Roof Deck

Luxury Tree House 

Solar Panel Deck

Stunning Style

White Roof Deck

Lush Garden in a Concrete Jungle

Garden Roof Deck

The Perfect Sunset Vantage Point

Two staircases Deck

Posh Getaway Lounge
Fire Pit Roof Deck




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