The "New" Classic Bathroom: 3 Key Features to Get Right to Complete the Look

Everyone loves a twist. There's a new take on the classic bathroom that we're seeing over and over, and it's easy to get the style at home if you're considering a bathroom makeover. In fact, a modern classic bath can be broken down into three key elements...

Interesting Light Fixtures

They can be simple sconces or elaborate sculptural pieces, like the fixture in this Vancouver bathroom from Western Living magazine. But the one thing a "new classic" light fixture isn't is boring.

Free-Standing Vanities

New classic bathroom vanities look like pieces of furniture with a sink laid inside. Can't you easily picture this mid-century modern piece from designer Kristen Grove as a dresser instead?

Framed, Shaped Mirrors

A shape's a shape. Rectangular and round mirrors are both welcome in the new classic bathroom, as long as they're formally framed. But the extra modern touch is anything angular, like these hexagons in this bathroom from Royal Roulotte.

(Image credits: Casework; Western Living Magazine; Kristen Grove; Royal Roulotte)

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